I’m seriously the worst at trying to console people.

All I can think to say is everything is going to be okay. 
Because past experiences tell me that they will be. 
We all go through a shit time in our lives, some worse than others.
Some more frequently than others, but you just have to remember to stay positive.
If I was there with you, I would just let you talk. Just listen to you vent.
Because I know that’s all you need to do.
Just let it all out and not be told anything.
Not be told how to fix it, not be told how to deal with it, nothing.
Just be heard and know that someone cares enough for you to let you do that.
Just know that you’re not fucking crazy for feeling the way that you feel.
I know that feeling.
And I know that you’re strong.
You have to be, right? 

Sometimes, you need a break too.
I’m here for you.
No matter.